Lower extremity reconstruction is an essential part of plastic surgery and focuses on the treatment of wounds and defects caused by trauma, cancer or chronic disease processes.

The most common procedures in reconstructive surgery of the lower extremity are those intended to repair trauma with bony exposure. Modern techniques have significantly improved the surgeon's ability to restore function and appearance, even in severe damage.

Among the techniques employed by our plastic surgeons are:

◦ Grafting: the transfer of skin, bone, nerves and other tissues from a healthy part of the body to repair the damaged part.

◦ Flap surgery: The mobilization of skin with subcutaneous tissue, blood vessels and muscle or bone from another part of the body to the site of trauma.


What is this surgery like?

  • Procedure: Depends on the technique used

    Admission: Depends on the technique performed

    Anesthesia: Depends on the technique used.

    Recovery: Depends on the technique performed

    Results: Depends on the technique performed