Clearlight is a powerful and versatile IPL (Intense Pulse Light) system.

Intense Pulse Light allows treating different dermatological and aesthetic applications, vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, hair removal and collagen stimulation.

Concentrated photo light therapy improves collagen, elastin production and above all, rejuvenates the skin.

Its multiple filters allow you to change the wavelength for a more targeted treatment. This combined with its double, triple and toning pulses make the results excellent.

The cooled head provides a safe and painless treatment, and its large 40x15mm size shortens the session time.

The user-friendly and intuitive interface makes Clearlight one of the most widely used devices in clinics.



  • Tiempo de sesión: 15-40 MINUTOS (dependiendo de zonas).

    Nº de sesiones: A partir de 4/5 sesiones.

    Anestesia: No precisa.

    Recuperación: 10-15 minutos.

    Resultados: En función de zonas y sesiones.