Gynecomastia body aesthetic surgery performed by the plastic surgery clinic of Dr. Pedro Teran and Dr. Francesca Zavalloni in Burgos, is a pathological or physiological condition that is reflected in the excessive volume of the breasts in men.

Physiological gynecomastia: It occurs in men usually during early adolescence, and manifests itself in the presence of excessive mammary glandular tissue, in both breasts or one of them, hypersensitivity and gradual growth. Physiologic gynecomastia can also occur in the elderly and adults where breast enlargement occurs without a detected cause.

Pathological gynecomastia: This type of gynecomastia is characterized by breast glandular tissue larger than 4 cm in diameter.

Pseudogynecomastia: It differs from the previous ones by the increase of breast fat without glandular hypertrophy.

Gynecomastia is the procedure that consists in extracting fat from the thorax area. In some cases the mammary gland that is formed by the hormonal transformations in the puberty stage is resected.

In other cases, excess skin is removed, resulting in a flat, firm and contoured thorax.

When pendulous deformity (hanging breast) and excess skin is present, the removal and free nipple transplant, or subcutaneous mastectomy, may be performed.

It is an outpatient procedure and the type of anesthesia used is general anesthesia.


What is this surgery like?

  • Procedure: 1 - 2 hours

    Admission: 24 hours

    Anesthesia: General

    Recovery: 1 month

    Compression garment (T-shirt): 1 month

    Results: permanent